Rain Chain How To Installation - Rain Chain Mounting Diagram by Rutland

Rutland illustrates rain chain how to properly mount and securely install a rain chain on K-style gutters or Half Round Gutters
Rutland suggest using hidden gutter hangers, U bolts and outlet pipe reducers to install rain chains on your gutters.
Rain Chain Mounting

Rutland recommends using hidden gutter hangers and U-bolts to securely install rain chain on a
K-style or Half Round gutter system. Simple plain V-shape springs will hold in light duty situations but hidden hangers and U bolts are best for windy conditions and weighting down
of rain chains.

Existing gutter downspout outlets should have downpipe outlet reducers that will direct the right amount of rain water over the rain chains for best results.

rain chain how to mount and secure rain chain installation illustrated here
Recommended more secure rain chain installation to better cope with wind, critters, vandals, ice, branches, etc.
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