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Interior designers and especially a kitchen designer often times request a custom range hood or kitchen island hood design to accentuate their kitchen decor. Due to their large size, a kitchen range hood or vent hood, can become a focal point of the kitchen and provide an elegant enhancement or dramatic statement to all manner of beautiful kitchens. Rutland custom metal working and copper work craftsmen have created many custom kitchen vent hoods over the years, most of them premium pure copper hoods, many with hammered designs and integral 3D murals. Occasionally however Rutland also receives requests for custom kitchen hoods made from other metals including stainless steel and aluminum. Shown below is a custom range hood created from mill finish aluminum in a durable thick gauge with swooping sides and a hammered pebble design band wrapping around the bottom. All custom range hoods are created exactly to the client’s specifications, dimensional requirements with their design of choice.


Custom Range Hood – Aluminum Mill Finish


Custom Kitchen Hood – Range Hood or Island Hood


Custom Vent Hood – Aluminum Thick Gauge

Below is an example of a recently completed order for a custom copper hood used as a center of the kitchen island hood. This copper hood design features an array of copper Fleur de Lis castings evenly spaced around it’s base between two rounded decorative bands. This copper kitchen hood utilizes heavyweight 48 oz pure copper material in it’s construction. Notice the smooth, seamless welded and polished edges for a truly elegant finish and flawless appearance.


Custom Copper Hood – Fleur de Lis Design


Copper Kitchen Hood – Custom Hood Design

Rutland creates custom built kitchen range hood designs for residential and commercial applications. Rutland works closely with architects, builders, interior designers, chefs, homeowners, remodelers and contractors to craft and deliver the perfect kitchen hood. Rutland kitchen hoods are all custom and built to meet client’s specifications and incorporate customer designs. Rutland has many stock design ornamental castings which can be incorporated or Rutland’s extremely talented and skilled artisans can meticulously hammer custom designs from a customer supplied illustration, drawing or pictures including kitchen artwork or murals. The large surface area of a vent hood allows many design possibilities including coordination with the kitchen decor or scheme. Rutland also crafts custom vents hoods for an outdoor kitchen, barbecue, fireplace hoods and light canopy hoods. Integral exhaust fans with integral lighting and grease filters may be ordered for any custom kitchen hood. Rutland has a CAD drawings both of a generic range hood and one of a generic island hood, which may used to specify dimensions and materials for custom vent hood orders. Those CAD drawings and twenty-six examples of kitchen range hood and island hood designs along with a brief video which may be viewed at Custom Range Hoods – Copper Kitchen Hoods

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