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CAD is an abbreviation for computer aided design and is sometimes also referred to as CADD, or computer aided drafting and design. CAD is used to create technical drawings for printed distribution or electronically by computer file. CAD is used in many industries to design almost any kind of product, proving very useful in rendering different shapes and configurations for new product concepts from perfume bottles to automobiles to space ships. CAD is also being used to create computer animation or special effects for movies, web sites and advertising. Architectural CAD drawings provide multiple or three dimensional views of individual architectural structures or whole buildings. Construction, engineering and architectural CAD show multiple views or images of objects exactly to scale and like manual drafting they may specify dimensions, materials, tolerances and attachments. Architectural CAD working drawings provide useful, detailed information for all phases of architectural design, planning, building material requisition, construction details and installation.




Rutland regularly works with architects, builders, general contractors, designers, renovators and LEED green builders to supply them with CAD drawings and specifications of Rutland products and also to create custom designs for their building projects. Many of Rutland’s wide array of architectural products already have an architectural CAD drawing PDF file available for viewing, downloading or printing. Architectural CAD drawings may be requested for any of Rutland’s other products or for custom architectural designs based on your own requirements and specifications. Rutland is also able to work from your own building CAD drawings or blueprints to design custom gutter systems and architectural features such as cupolas, chimney caps, finials, spires, copper domes, turret roofs, gazebo roofs, dormers, roof vents, wall vents, louvers, chimney pots, awnings, deck railings – widow’s walk, fire pits, copper kitchen hoods, sinks, canopies, leader heads, historical restoration work, etc. View some of the over 250 Architectural CAD Working Drawings and Construction Details already available from Rutland, manufacturer and wholesale supplier of architectural copper work, gutter supplies, building decorative metal fabrication, roof structures, copper kitchen decor, copper sculpture, copper home decor and natural stone products.
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