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How To Choose & Maintain Your Commercial Gutters

Whether you are looking to replace your old guttering system or you are working on a new building project that requires one, choosing the correct guttering system for the style and design of the building is essential. 

Residential or commercial gutters – what’s the difference

There are essential differences between residential and commercial gutter systems, with residential gutters being suitable for most homes and installed around the roof edge. Most residential properties have hipped, gable, or shed roofs. Commercial gutters, however, are for more substantial buildings that are likely to have flattened roof types.


Selecting the wrong type can be a costly and damaging mistake and could mean that your gutter is ineffective and even cause damage to the property. Most residential buildings have K-style or U-shaped gutter systems in place where commercial buildings commonly use box gutters. Make sure that you check which gutter type will work for your property before you buy it. If you don’t, you could even be breaking the law as there are regulations in place related to gutter size on commercial buildings and how water is diverted from them to ensure public safety. 


Homeowners might be tempted to opt for a commercial-sized gutter simply because it’s bigger, and they may falsely believe that a bigger option will be more effective at diverting water away from the property. This is unlikely to be the case, and in fact, a gutter that is too large will require more maintenance and ruin the aesthetics of your home also.

Commercial building gutters

For more significant commercial buildings, an extensive gutter system is necessary to ensure that water flows off the roof, preventing roof damage and any damage to the underlying property that could occur due to poor drainage. Commercial gutters are typically made from galvanized steel or durable aluminum.

Maintaining your commercial gutters


Whatever type of building you manage, maintaining the roof gutters is extremely important to ensure its longevity and safety. If commercial roof gutters aren’t looked after correctly, the water will not flow from the structure as it should. It could cause pooling, leaks, floods, and structural damage, which will not only be costly but could threaten the safety of people who reside or work in the building too. 


Keeping commercial gutters clean and free from debris is crucial. If gutters become clogged with leaves, dirt, twigs, and so on, they won’t be able to drain water away from the roof and building efficiently. This can cause water to build up, which, if left unresolved, could cause significant problems. Maintaining gutter joints by examining them regularly and fixing them if they have become cracked or broken is also essential. It’s also a good idea to periodically check the gutter angle and inspect the entire system for holes. It is particularly pertinent to carry out these jobs after a bout of severe weather.

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