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Stylish Copper Chimney Caps For Every Home!

If you are looking to add some unique design features to your home, then you might want to consider choosing copper chimney caps. Cooper chimney caps can give any building a wow factor that could add value as well as provide a more functional aspect – protecting your home from the ingress of water, as well as preventing animals or birds nesting in your chimney.


When we think of how best to design our home, we often focus more on the interior aspects, or how we could better landscape our gardens to make our outside space more attractive. However, there is also plenty you can do to the outside of your property to give it an added wow factor. 


Chimney caps are aesthetically pleasing, but also provide several important functions. Choosing a copper chimney cap can add a striking visual effect while simultaneously making your home safer and better protected too. 

Beautiful Copper Chimney Caps

There are lots of different materials a person can choose from when selecting a chimney cap, including stainless steel and aluminum. However, copper caps are not only the most visually exciting, but they are also incredibly hard-wearing, sturdy, and will stand up well against severe weather conditions. 


The advantages of a copper chimney cap include:


A superior design finish and unparalleled flare that makes for an excellent talking point, and could increase the curb appeal and value of your home.

Minimal maintenance required. Some homeowners like to give their copper chimney caps a regular polish. However, the natural weathering of the material is also very striking.

Heat resistant so they won’t crack or become damaged in hot weather conditions or when the flue becomes hot due to fires.

Snow and frost resistant – copper is non-porous, so it isn’t susceptible to melting snow or frosts, which can be absorbed by other materials and then freeze and expand, causing damage.

A robust, extremely durable material that will last for many decades.

A wealth of attractive designs available, and even custom designs to choose from to truly put your stamp on the property. 


Chimney caps can help to ensure bats and birds cannot set up camp in your chimney. They will also ensure that rain or snow isn’t able to enter your home, therefore, protecting it against potentially severe water damage, which could be very costly. 

A massive range of stunning copper chimney caps from Rutland!

If you are considering copper chimney caps for your home, browse the impressive range from Rutland Gutter Supply today. From ribbed options to domed or ornate copper chimney caps, as well as the option to customize your own, we have an extensive collection, and we are sure you’ll find what you are looking for. If you need any advice or have any questions, contact our friendly customer team today

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