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Copper chimney caps provide enhanced elegance and architectural interest to fine homes and commercial buildings. The beautiful home featured in this blog received two custom chimney caps made from pure copper to nicely accent it’s charming stone tiled roof deck and multi-hued clay roof tile. As the copper chimney caps transition through the many stages of copper patination or weathering, these chimney caps will dynamically coordinate with the various colors presented in the roofing tile and roof decking. 


Copper Chimney Caps


Custom Chimney Cap Design


Copper Chimney Cap Installation



Custom Chimney Caps Being Delivered and Installed

The custom copper chimney caps above, also called chimney hoods or chimney shrouds, are shown being delivered to job site via flat bed truck. A crane will hoist the heavy copper chimney caps into position on the chimney top. Installers on the roof top will help manually guide the chimney caps into their exact position and fasten them down to the chimney crown. Rutland has over thirty standard copper chimney cap designs and their copper work craftsmen also create any custom chimney cap to your own design and exact specifications which may be shipped anywhere in the U.S. and around the world. Rutland also crafts custom copper chimney pots with single or multiple flue design, with or without a chimney shroud or tray. To see more copper chimney cap designs and view architectural CAD drawings of them, visit their Chimney Caps – Chimney Pot webpage.

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