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Copper chimney caps and stainless steel chimney caps can be fashioned in all shapes, sizes and styles by metal and copper work craftsmen. Chimneys can take on a whole new appearance with a custom chimney cap mounted on the chimney top, made from high quality pure copper or thick gauge stainless steel. Instead of a minimal afterthought, chimney caps can become an attractive focal point and provide additional architectural interest and elegance to fine homes and commercial buildings.


Custom Stainless Steel Chimney Cap


Stainless Steel Chimney Cap Ready for Shipment


Copper Chimney Top Lifted Into Installation Position


Copper Chimney Cap – Installed


Custom Copper Chimney Cap – Chimney Top

Custom high quality, heavy weight copper chimney caps and thick gauge stainless steel chimney caps not only are more elegant and attractive, they also are extremely durable, low maintenance and have extremely long lifespans proving better long term value than low cost designs. The welded, polished seams provide strength, trouble free durability and more attractive refined appearance. The larger sized heavy weight copper and stainless steel chimney caps may require several installers or else a lift to maneuver them into place. But once in place they will provide a lifetime of beauty and functional elegance. Rutland works with architects, contractors and property owners to help design the perfect custom chimney cap for your architecture. Rutland utilizes architectural CAD working drawings in the design process and can custom manufacture any size and style of chimney cap, chimney top or chimney shroud to accommodate customer specifications. Custom copper chimney caps, stainless steel and if desired custom painted aluminum chimney caps can be crafted by Rutland’s metal fabrication and copper work craftsmen.

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