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A perfect way to dress up a home or building with a chimney is with a copper chimney cap custom crafted to accentuate your home’s architecture. There are endless designs of custom chimney caps possible and they can be fully functional and protective while also providing additional architectural interest to your building. A good chimney cap design will definitely make a statement and enhance your home while also keeping out rain, promoting proper draft or air flow for your fireplace or stove and screening to keep out birds and animals and serving as a spark arrestor. Below are a few examples of custom copper chimney caps which have these qualities.

copper-chimney-cap-bl1 copper-chimney-cap-bl2

Copper Chimney Cap – Domed Top – Bottom Vents and Screening

copper-chimney-caps-bl3 copper-chimney-cap-bl-4

Copper Chimney Caps – Covered Chimney Top and Screen Openings

Rutland can custom build copper chimney caps or chimney pots in any size and in any shape or design. Choose from one of Rutland’s many unique chimney cap or chimney pot designs or provide your own design and Rutland will custom fabricate your chimney cap to your exact specifications and drawing. Rutland uses heavyweight copper with TIG welded polished seams for enhanced durability, strength and a polished superb appearance. Rutland can also craft your custom chimney cap in thick gauge aluminum, either mill finish or custom painted and in stainless steel if you prefer. See more of Rutland’s Copper Chimney Caps designs and you may also view some of Rutland’s many standard design architectural Chimney Cap CAD Drawings.

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