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Copper Kitchen describes kitchen design utilizing copper work either extensively or strategically to achieve a very elegant, warm, hospitable and decorative kitchen. Kitchen copper usage may include copper hoods, range hoods or island hoods. Also kitchen copper sinks, copper countertops, copper backsplash, copper light hood canopy, copper pot racks, copper sculpture, copper accents, copper pots and pans. Even copper clad appliances, wall copper vents, copper fixtures (lights and fans) and other hardware such as cabinet and door handles, wall switchplates, etc. Given the sheer elegance, warmth and beauty of copper, it is near impossible to overuse copper in kitchen design, especially with the endless hues of copper available, from it’s gleaming raw state to countless variations of patinated copper.Decorative kitchen design to personalize a kitchen, establish a design theme or create a designer kitchen may incorporate the use of kitchen art, such as kitchen wall art, kitchen murals and other themed kitchen artwork, including standalone accent pieces. Almost every copper kitchen has a copper range hood or island hood which has a large surface area ideal to incorporate copper art work into your kitchen design. You may view your copper hood, copper backsplash and copper kitchen sink as a blank canvas to which you can add your own unique design, personal expression or promote a kitchen design theme.


Copper Kitchen Hood “A Blank Canvas”

Copper compared to other metals not only offers more warmth, luster and elegance but copper is especially amenable to being worked into many different shapes or designs. Copper may also easily be sculpted or hammered into custom art work including personalized or themed murals. Copper design work may involve simple accents placed subtly around a larger smooth copper surface, or a uniformly patterned surface such as a hammered copper pebbled look or using variegated copper hues created through patination or firing. A raised, textured three dimensional design or copper kitchen mural provides endless possibilities of personalization as well as the timeless elegance and enjoyment of your kitchen’s copper work of art.



Copper Wall Art Work – Two Different 3-D Scenes


Copper Hood with Tuscan Design (Grapes)


Hammered Copper Hoods – Pebbled & Rock Pattern


Copper Range Hoods with Copper Art Murals

Copper art work or murals may be recreated from almost any design, drawing, illustration, painting or picture you provide, by true copper working artisans. The intricate detail these coppersmiths can sculpt into your copper hoods,copper sinks or copper backsplash is truly astounding, while your appreciation of their timeless beauty will last for generations of lifetimes.


Copper Island Hood with Ski Lodge Artwork


Copper Kitchen Sink with Artwork


Copper Farmhouse Sink with Mural

* Pictures shown above are courtesy of Rutland Architectural Copper Work, whose copper work artisans individually create by hand each of the copper hoods, copper sinks and copper art work shown above. The copper kitchen hoods are all fashioned from heavyweight 48 oz pure copper that are available in gleaming new copper appearance or also in various shades of copper patina. Rutland specializes almost exclusively in custom design copper work, each handcrafted one at a time with many being “one of” unique designs from customer’s specifications. Rutland also creates custom copper sculpture and copper kitchen decor accent pieces to coordinate your overall decorative kitchen design. See additional copper range hoods created by Rutland.


Copper Sink, Copper Hood, Copper Counter Tops


(Photos courtesy

In addition to copper hoods and copper sinks, a copper backsplash is another copper surface that can be given a copper art work treatment along with other independent or themed hanging copper wall art. Copper counters or countertops usually preferrably have a smooth surface or are lightly patterned such as a pebbled look, quilted or tile design. Blending different hues of patinated copper together may create a very appealing used look that also wears very well. Part of the great allure and beauty of copper, somewhat similar to distressed or antique wood, is the ever changing character, warm hues and gracefully aging beauty that natural pure copper provides.

Copper Kitchen Hood Art Work HGTV Video

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