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Copper has many qualities which make it an ideal interior design material. Copper has a warm, elegant, luxurious appearance and harmonizes especially well with wood, natural stone, glass as well as virtually any material and color. Copper has a timeless quality, not affected by changing styles and fads, remaining desirable and growing ever more beautiful with age. Copper comes in many hues, having many possible shades of natural patina and still more human treatment such as heat-fired and forced patination effects. Copper may also be alloyed with other metals to create even more shades of bronze and brass. In addition to many color variations, copper surfaces may appear with a wide range of textures and finishes, including polished, brushed, pebbled, hammered, quilted, patterns and even integral murals or art work created by copper artisans.


Copper Wall – Interior of St. Croix Chapel (courtesy


Copper Wall Decor – Interior Wall Design Waterfall – by Lee Blackwell Studio


Copper Wall – Grass Image Patination from Photograph by MarcBDesign


Copper Wall – Hammered Copper Design Interior


Copper Kitchen Wall – by LiLu Interior


Copper Wall Panel Sheet Design – Patinated Flowers and Bubbles by Luvata


Copper wall decor can be a very elegant, warm and beautiful component of modern interior design. A copper wall can also be an integral part of environmentally friendly green design as copper does not require any coatings or paint, does not give off any toxic or harmful gases, lasts for a very long time, requires little to no maintenance, improves indoor air quality, is 100% recyclable and forever reusable. A copper wall is a very hygienic surface due to copper material’s unique natural ability to kill off germs, viruses, mold and pathogens which can spread contagious or infectious disease. Any germs or pathogens which come in contact with the copper wall surface through touch or airborne contact are killed by copper’s natural antimicrobial, germicidal and fungicidal action in a very short period of time, even the new super-bugs which are highly resistant to other measures. No other material possesses this uniquely powerful health benefit as does pure copper. Copper wall panels mounted on hard concrete backer board or structural walls may also assist in maintaining more even indoor temperatures. Copper is also one of the best materials available for blocking or shielding against electronic radiation and radio interference such as EMI – electromagnetic interference and RFI – radio frequency interference. Interior designs featuring copper including copper wall decor provide many additional noteworthy and important benefits as discussed here in addition to showcasing the natural beauty and timeless elegance of copper.


Copper Rock Pattern and Tropical Scene Copper Wall Art by Rutland


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