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Metal Cupola is typically a smaller structure mounted on top of a larger structure such as a roof. The roof may be virtually any shape and material. Cupola are frequently seen on top of homes, public buildings, businesses and pavilions.

Cupolas may also be mounted on top of structures such as dome roofs, turrets, towers, steeples, spires and gazebos. A cupola is designed to admit light and air to the structure or building below and also provide architectural interest and elegance. Functional cupola louver vents are designed to promote air flow and provide ventilation to the roof or attic space below.

Cupola has also been described in architectural terms as a small domed structure on top a building which provides light, ventilation and decoration.

cupola-custom-bl1 cupola-custom-bl2

Custom Copper Cupola – 4 Sided Roof Cupola w/ Copper Finial

cupola-custom-bl4 cupola-custom-bl3

Cupolas are a very popular architectural enhancement on top of homes, gazebos, pavilions, barns, government or public buildings and businesses. Roof top cupolas may also be surrounded with a roof deck railing or widows walk for additional architectural interest. Cupolas are an attractive architectural feature wherever they are present.

Cupolas also can provide substantial ventilation to the roof, attic or building space below. Cupolas may be built in various shapes including circular, square, hexagonal, octagonal or custom shapes. Cupolas typically are then topped with a domed, conical, bell-shaped or curved pyramidal, hexagonal or octagonal roof.

The cupola roof is then often finished or crowned with an ornamental roof finial perched on top. Cupolas may be constructed from a variety of materials with wood and metals being the most common. Among metals, rust-free aluminum and copper are the most preferred materials.

Aluminum is a light weight material and can be painted to coordinate with building wall or trim colors. Copper cupolas are typically not painted or coated, provide an elegant and distinguished appearance, will weather beautifully, are virtually maintenance-free, are a very green design, are very durable and are the longest lasting of all cupola construction materials.

Any style of cupola will provide a pleasing attractive appearance and elegance to any building structure including a gazebo cupola for example, while cupola ventilation louvers provide excellent roof ventilation.

cupola-horse-weathervane-bl cupola-hexagonal-horse-weathervane-bl

Cupola Hexagonal Aluminum w/ Horse Weathervane

Cupola designs on this page were custom manufactured by the architectural metal and copper work craftsmen at Rutland. Rutland will custom craft a cupola out of copper or aluminum in any size to your own design specifications.

Cupolas can be fabricated for installation on any roof pitch and with different base shapes. Copper cupolas are made from pure heavyweight copper and have TIG welded frame. The polished, welded seams provide strength, durability and a refined appearance. Aluminum cupolas may be constructed entirely of aluminum or optionally have a copper roof.

Aluminum cupolas are available in mill finish aluminum (unfinished) or optionally may be custom painted in a wide variety of colors, including two-tone. Other cupola options include louver vents for ventilation on the sides and a wide variety of decorative finials or weather vanes mounted on top.

Cupolas can be shipped or delivered anywhere in North America. More custom cupola designs and standard cupola designs including 4-sided, hexagonal and octagonal may be seen at Rutland Cupolas with architectural CAD drawings also available for viewing.

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