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Dress up ordinary gutters and downspouts with decorative gutter brackets and decorative gutter and downspout brackets. Stamped or hidden gutter hangers and standard downspout straps or bands will do the job and yet decorative gutter and downspout brackets will enhance your seamless rain gutter system giving it a more elegant, appealing and distinctive look. Your gutter system can become one of the more attractive architectural features of your home.


Copper Gutter with Decorative Seahorse Gutter Brackets


Gutter Bracket Acanthus – – – – Gutter Bracket Rope Design


Gutter Bracket Seahorse – – – Gutter Bracket Scroll Design


Copper Gutter with Acanthus Style Gutter Brackets


Downspout Bracket Seashell Design – Downspout Bracket Lion Head

downspout-bracket-pineapple-bl downspout-bracket-fleur-de-lis-bl

Downspout Bracket Pineapple Design – Downspout Bracket Fleur de Lis

downspout-bracket-mapleleaf-bl downspout-bracket-clover-bl

Downspout Bracket Maple Leaf – Downspout Bracket Clover Design

The decorative gutter brackets, gutter hangers, downspout brackets and downspout pipe strap designs shown above are available in pure heavyweight cast copper and either mill finish (unfinished) or powder coated cast aluminum. The decorative downspout brackets shown above are available for 3″ to 6″ round downspouts or 3″ x 4″ square rectangular downspouts. Most of the  decorative gutter hangers shown above are designed for 6″ to 7″ half round gutters except for the scroll design which is available in sizes for 5″ to 10″ wide half round gutters. Rutland has pineapple and lion head leader head designs to coordinate with the pineapple and lion head downspout bracket designs. Further information is available from Rutland’s Gutter Supplies page.

downspout-bracket-florence-scroll-pipe-strap-front-view-bl downspout-bracket-florence-scroll-pipe-strap-side-view-bl

Downspout Bracket – Florence Scroll Design Downspout Pipe Straps

gutter-hanger-combo-bl gutter-hanger-traditional-bead

Gutter Hanger Combo – Traditional Bead Stamped Hanger Design


Pineapple Downspout Brackets and Leader Head
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