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We all know that a competent rain gutter system is crucial if you want peace of mind that your house will be protected against the ingress of water. Guttering systems divert rainwater away from the building where it can safely drain away and won’t leak into the property or pool on roofs or other areas, causing potentially catastrophic damage.

However, an additional accessory that can protect your home and belongings even further from water damage is a downspout extension.


What are downspouts and downspout extensions?


If you haven’t heard of downspouts or downspout extensions, it is wise to inform yourself how these can help to make sure your home is safeguarded against severe weather. Downspouts play a crucial role in the prevention of water damage as they help gutters drain water away from the property more effectively.

Downspouts are the pipes that connect to gutters and run along the sides of a building, giving the water an avenue to run down, at the bottom of which will be a drainage area where it can exit safely. The downspouts are molded and attached to the building in a specific way so that the water drains away precisely where it should.

Downspouts can also be helpful in protecting basement properties or the basements of homes during a rainstorm as they will stop water pooling on the roof. If too much water accumulates, you may find the roof starts to leak or sag, or in the worst cases, collapse altogether. Naturally, repairs can be costly, not to mention the possibility of potentially jeopardizing the safety of yourself and your family.

Downspout extensions can help ensure that the rainwater runs as far away from the foundations of your home as possible and ensure this happens in a controlled manner, so water doesn’t splash out and damage the property or surrounding gardens and plant beds. They also help prevent water from getting into nooks and crannies, which could lead to mold and mildew appearing. A downspout extension means that the system will be more effective in keeping your home safe. If the downspout exit is too close to the foundations, the water could seep into them and compromise the structural integrity of the building.

High quality downspouts are an integral part of any gutter and drainage system. There are lots to choose from so you can find ones that match your current gutter system or blend in seamlessly with the aesthetics of your home. You could also decide to make your guttering system something of a feature by selecting material such as stunning copper and decorative elements such as leader heads to make your guttering system stand out.


Installing and looking after your downspouts


Remember, if you are not familiar with how to correctly install a guttering system, it’s always best to ask a professional to help you add your downspouts and downspout extensions. Once they are there, you don’t have to do a lot in terms of maintenance, though it is pertinent to check them regularly in case they become clogged with leaves or other debris. You could choose to add gutter guards to your system to prevent this from happening.

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