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The European Copper in Architecture Awards are biennial awards which recognize excellence in design for European architectural projects incorporating copper roofing, copper wall cladding and other copper architectural design elements. The 15th iteration of the awards will officially be launched in September 2010 for architectural projects completed between April 2009 and May 2011 with the judging and presentation of awards occurring in 2011. The previously concluded 14th European Copper in Architecture Award competition celebrated the use of copper in architecture in all of it’s forms and selected the best in contemporary copper architecture from across Europe. Some of the European Copper In Architecture award winners are described and shown below.




Archeology Museum of Vitoria, SpainOverall Award Winner
(photo credits and

The Archeology Museum in Vitoria, Spain was overall European Copper in Architecture Award 14 winner. The Archaeology museum shares a courtyard with the historic Palace of Bendana. The building facade is comprised extensively of copper alloy cast bronze and glass. The effect has been characterized as an ageless fortress in an urban setting which reveals more of itself as you enter the courtyard. The architects of the project Mangado y Asociados S L describe the building as “a compact jewel box concealing the treasures that history has entrusted to us”.



Mediaplex Complex 22@, Barcelona, Spain
(photo credits Alejo Bagué, courtesy

The Mediaplex Complex 22@ in Barcelon, Spain was a highly commended award winner and is comprised of two contrasting main elements. The factory is a horizontal block adjoining a 19th century factory building and is comprised of smooth, opaque, perforated panels of copper. The tower utilizes copper faced screens over it’s vertical grid of glazing providing shade. Both architectural elements make extensive use of copper, use copper as a unifying material and share common proportions.



Housing at Frederikskaj Copenhagen, Denmark
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Housing at Frederikskaj Copenhagen, Denmark was a commended award winner and is a residential project of 152 light, airy and spacious owner occupied apartments or condos located directly on the harbor. The architect who see the building akin to a luxury ocean liner docked at port, used materials with a nautical heritage including textured and smooth copper, hardwood windows and glass in a thoroughly modern design. The beautifully detailed but understated copper cladding provides solidity in concert with the concrete frame and blends well into the nearby commercial area.

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