All the questions and answers you will need to know before you order your new gutter system from Rutland Gutter Supply


Where can I buy your gutter products?

Rutland gutter supply sells directly to homeowners, roofing contractors, gutter supply companies, gutter installers, home builders.


I have never ordered gutters from you before. How can I be sure that I am buying quality goods?

All of our Gutters are made in our Orlando factory from and best quality materials. Our business is reliant upon our good reputation, which has been built on supplying quality guttering products over  25 years. Please feel free to contact us if you would like further details of any products.


Can you supply gutters for commercial buildings

Rutland gutter supply manufacturer gutter systems for commercial and residential properties of any size.


Where do Rutland gutter supply ship to?

Rutland ship across America and worldwide please contact us for more information regarding shipping your gutter system.


What is the cost of shipping?

Shipping charges will be applied to all products. We will need your address, state, zip code and exact product(s) to calculate and quote shipping.


How are your gutter systems shipped?

Rutland normally uses UPS ground shipping with express shipping also available at extra cost. Extra-large or very heavy items may need to be shipped via freight company, FOB Orlando, Florida. Applicable shipping weight includes packaging and crating if required. Orders may also be picked up at our warehouse in Orlando.


What should I do if my order is damaged?

Please inspect all delivered merchandise immediately upon delivery. All claims for damaged products delivered by ground shipping carriers such as UPS and FedEx must be filed within 24 hours. The customer must call us during our normal business hours at 407-859-1119 to report any damage. Any shipping damage may be readily apparent on the outside packaging or sometimes possible damage is concealed inside the packaging, so it is very important customers open their package and inspect the product’s condition. Larger items delivered by freight must be inspected immediately upon unloading from the truck. Any damage must be brought to the driver’s attention and noted by the driver. Do not sign off on the delivery unless damages are properly noted. Also, report any freight damage to us.

All packaging material and damaged merchandise must be saved by the customer for inspection and claims.


What if I have made a mistake with my order?

If you have made a mistake with your order please contact Rutland’s team at the earliest opportunity and we help rectify it.


Is there a minimum order value?

Rutland has a minimum order value of $100. We accept checks and all major credit cards Custom orders are final and require pre-payment before production.


Can you help design my gutter drainage system?

Rutlands experienced team are always available to advise you on the best solution for the gutter system if you have a drawing or dimensions please email Rutland with project details.


How are gutters sized?

Rain gutters are sized by the square footage of the roofs drainage area, first, you would need the square footage of the roof.


Where can I find the dimissions and sizes of your products?

We supply Cad drawing for our products please are cad drawings if you can’t see any sizes you require please contact us and Rutlands team will help.


All parts of a gutter system?

A full gutter system can include gutters, gutter hangers, gutter end caps, downspouts, and downspout straps for more of a feature you can have a custom leader heads, architectural rain spouts, and roof finials.





What is the purpose of gutters and downspouts?

A rain gutter’s main purpose is to funnel water off the roof and away from the home. 


Do you recommend gutter installers in my area?

Rutland does not recommend gutter contractors in your area.


What metals do you offer for a gutter system?

Rutland manufactures many different gutter styles in a variety of metals including.


What Are Copper Gutters

Copper gutters are a quality premium product. They are low maintenance and do not require painting. Copper will not rust and is suited for nautical environments they are the most durable and long-lasting materials available for gutters.  


What Are Aluminum Gutters

Aluminum gutters are robust and long-lasting while also being cost-effective, One of the benefits of aluminum gutters is that they hold more water than many other types of gutters they also coated to many colors.


What Are Galvanized Gutters

Galvanized gutters are stronger than aluminum at equivalent thicknesses so are more popular in northern states for snow and ice. A galvanized gutter is a superior longer-lasting alternative to plastic gutters.


What Are Galvalume Gutters

Galvalume gutters, which are made from steel and are coated with an aluminum-zinc layer are strong and durable.


What style of rain gutters do you manufacture?

Rutland manufactures many different gutter styles including, please see below.


What is a Box Gutter

Rutland has a selection of box gutters that come in many different styles materials, and sizes from beveled, angled and flanged we also can supply custom lengths.




What is a Half Round Gutter

Half-round gutters have been a popular choice of guttering since the 1960s and remain the most popular gutter choice today. Half-round gutters look like a fully enclosed pipe and cut it in half lengthways. These gutters can be produced in many different materials.



What is a K Style Gutter

K style gutters appear to be shaped like the letter K in shape K style rain gutters are one of the most common gutter styles used in America. The style fits very well with modern homes since they are flat on one side they can be fixed easily to the facia meaning you don’t need lots of brackets this style of gutter holds more water than many other gutter designs.



K style gutter



What is a chimney cap?

A chimney cap protects and shields the top of the chimney flue pipe these are sometimes called chimney pots or chimney rain caps they prevent rain and animals from entering the chimney.


Do you really need a chimney cap?

Yes, a chimney cap helps prevent ambers coming down the flue and also rain and animals entering.


What materials and sizes do your chimney caps come in?

Rutland Chimney caps come in many different materials, sizes and styles please view our range of chimney caps and pots also available are cad drawings for all chimney caps.


Can I have a custom made chimney cap?

custom chimney cap made to your exact requirements please contact are the team for more information. 







What is a roof cupola?

A Roof Cupola is a dome or tower feature that sits on the top of a house or barn roof they range from large to small and come in square and round architectural structures and add great curb appeal.


What is the function of a cupola?

The function of a roof cupola is to provide natural light and air into the area under the roof they also can be just a decorative item.


How do you size a weathervane?

The appropriate way to size a weathervane is by Selecting a weathervane that is roughly the same size as the cupola base


What sizes and materials do your cupolas come in?

Rutland has a large range of roof cupolas in varied sizes and materials you can view all cupolas sizes in are cad drawing section or on are cupola page.

If you require a custom made roof cupola please contact our team.






What is a roof scupper?

A Roof Scupper is a roof drainage system designed for flat roofs by allowing water to run away from the roof through the wall into a downspout or leader head.


What is a gutter spout head

A gutter spout is Perfect for those areas that have low volumes of water and where downspouts are less than desirable these can also be attached to gutters.


What roof scupper and spout designs do you manufacture?

Rutland Gutter Supply manufactures the largest selection of Fish, Gargoyle, Lion Heads in different sizes and materials we can also manufacture custom scuppers and spouts.




Small Copper Gargoyle Spout




What is a gutter downspout?

A gutter downspout, waterspout, downpipe are connected to gutters and installed along the sides of a building to carry water away safely to a drainage area.


Where should gutter downspouts be placed?

The downspout should be placed every 40 feet of the gutter length and should not discharge were water may pool close to a building.


What styles downspout do Rutland supply?

Rutland has a selection of square and round downspouts in different sizes and materials.


What else would I need with downspout?

With your downspout, you will need downspout elbows and brackets you can also add a leader head to your gutter systems.






What is a roof finial?

A finial is commonly used in architecture as a decorative device. A finial can be made of many different materials, depending on where it is placed and the design of the building. Finials were traditionally made of stone, and placed atop domes and spires to draw attention to them. However, they can also be placed on towers, gables or roofs, and metals such as copper and aluminum are proving increasingly popular choices for homeowners and designers who want to add an eye-catching and distinctive feature to their building.


Can I have a roof finial custom made?

We will work with you to develop your bespoke finials according to your custom design and specifications. We can create finials in all sizes to ensure a seamless, perfect fit that you will be delighted with.


What materials do Rutland’s roof finials come in?

All our roof finials are crafted from top-quality copper and made to order so we can ensure that the utmost care is taken to design and create the perfect roof finials for your home.







What are gutter leader heads and conductor heads?

Gutter leaderheads or conductor heads are part of a gutter system that is known by diffrent names but all mean the same. They can come in many different designs connected in most cases to a gutter and from there to the downspout.


How many leader head styles do you manufacture?

Rutland have over 65 different styles of gutter leaderheads.





Can I have a custom leaderhead made?

Rutland can help design a custom made leader head to your exact requirements.



Do you have all the dimensions for your leaderheads?

All are leaderheads come with cad drawings with all the dimensions on please visit our cad drawings page.




What is a gutter end cap?

Gutter end caps is a solid one-piece gutter cap that goes on the end of a length of gutters to stop water running out.


What material and sizes do gutter end caps come in?

We produce gutter end caps to match all are gutter systems.


What is a gutter screen?

A gutter screen is simply a mesh sheet that attaches to the shingles of your roof and covers the gutter.


What are gutter miters?

Gutter miters or corner pieces are the gutter fittings that connect two gutters at a corner.


What style gutter miters do you manufacture?

We make all our gutter miters or corner pieces to match our gutter styles.


What is a gutter rain chain?

 A gutter rain chain are a functional designed alternative to traditional closed gutter downspouts guiding rainwater visibly down the chains from the roof, rain chains transform a plain gutter pipe to an eye-catching water feature.


What are gutter hangers?

When you put up a guttering system you will use gutter hangers to secure the guttering to the building they are spaced every two or three feet to ensure that the gutter will stay securely in place.


Do gutter hangers come in different styles?

Rutland manufacture many different gutter hangers for all their different gutter styles and materials we also produce decorative gutter hangers for that extra curb appeal.


Can you paint copper gutters?

You will not need to paint copper gutters you can keep shiny and warm-colored with a protective coating.



What type of vents do you manufacture?

Rutland has an extensive range of copper vents for all your requirements.


Can I have vents custom made?

If you don’t see a vent to match your project please get in touch for a custom made vent.


Do you sell gutter machines and roll forming machines?

Rutland also own Roll Forming Machine LLC we supply many different types of machines from used machines to custom made new machines please enquire for more information or visit







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