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Gutters and downspouts made from aluminum, galvalume and galvanized steel are available pre-painted or may be custom painted in a large variety of gutters colors to match your building or home decor. Other architectural metal work such as roof vents, wall vents, chimney caps, cupolas, roof finials, dormer vents, chimney pots, awnings, canopies, deck railings, soffit vents, etc., may also be painted to coordinate with your home colors or building decor. Oftentimes, standard products are only available in a limited color range of colors and styles. The regular paint finish might also not be very durable and may fade, peel, chip, crack, blister or flake rather quickly or in a matter of years. You want your painted architectural metal surfaces to last under normal usage and conditions for at least about 20 years with 30-35 years even better yet. Deteriorated or damaged paint coverings not only detract from your home’s appearance and lowers value, but also accelerate corrosion and wear of the underlying metal. Replacement, refinishing or repainting of deteriorated metalwork can be both time consuming and costly. Starting out with a better paint finish better protects your investment and is a far better value in the long run.

Gutter Color Chart – Regular Paint Finish


Gutters Color Chart – Premium Kynar Finish


Regular quality paint finishes for architectural metal surfaces may often utilize thermally set polyester acrylic paint and are often found on better aluminum gutters and downspouts. If properly applied with a nice thick coating, these should last for about 20 years or so without cracking, blistering, peeling, flaking or chipping providing there is no external physical damage. Any damaged or deteriorated spots should be refinished, restored or touched up immediately to prevent further deterioration. Kynar 500, a member of the teflon family, is an even better premium custom paint finish which is more durable and longer lasting than regular paint finishes. A Kynar paint finish is virtually self-cleaning and requires much less maintenance. Kynar also offers much less chalking effect, less color change or fading than regular paint finishes and Kynar offers better abrasion resistance as well. A custom Kynar paint finish may be applied to any aluminum, galvanized steel and galvalume architectural metal work including gutters, downspouts, cupolas, roof finials, chimney caps, metal dormers, awnings, roof vents, wall vents, etc. Rutland offers in-house custom Kynar paint finish as an option for their extensive selection of gutters, downspouts and architectutral metal work. Many of Rutland’s products are also available in an unfinished state in mill finish aluminum, paint grip galvanized steel or galvalume, which may be custom finished on site by the local contractor, building or home owner. Sometimes galvalume gutters and downspouts are left in an unfinished state and the innate protection may provide about 40 years worth of durability and low maintenance performance. Rutland’s gutter supplies, roof accessories and architectural metal work are also available in copper, stainless steel and zinc which are most always left unfinished and whose naturally protective and durable surfaces can last upwards to 70-90 plus years with little to no maintenance required.


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