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Today we share a few pictures of some wonderful seamless gutter system installation, copper roofing and other types of copper work in the South West Florida coastal area including Naples and Ft Myers Florida. The corrosive salt air environment being right on the Gulf of Mexico makes copper gutter systems and other architectural copper work the longest lasting and best solution due to copper’s excellent corrosion resistance, durability and weatherability. Copper is also a very green building material and all the copper can be recycled 100% at the end of it’s up to 90 plus year lifespan.



The home in the above pictures has a very nice installation of half round copper gutters, round copper downspouts, round copper goose neck elbows, decorative copper gutter and downspout brackets and copper leader heads shown mounted inline on the downspouts directly below the gutters. The copper gutter system has already developed a warm reddish brown patina which blends in beautifully with the clay tile roof and house trim work.


The residence in the picture directly above, also has half round copper gutters including a graceful radius or rounded copper gutter curving around the edges of this lovely copper roof positioned above the entryway porch.



This two story sun washed residence shows some nice closeups of the copper half round gutters and round copper downspouts which are a fairly new installation, as you can tell by the more shiny pure copper gutter and downspout appearance. The bottom picture shows the symmetrical downspouts looking somewhat like a performance car’s dual exhausts. A lovely and intricately detailed copper railing can also be seen on the 2nd floor balcony in the top picture.


The house above has an extensive array of elegant copper work including a conical copper roof on top of the distinctive protruding turret to the front right. There is a copper roof deck railing or widow’s walk which can be seen on top of the home. There are also copper balcony railings and copper window shades – shutters. And of course there are also round copper gutters and downspouts to coordinate nicely with the other copper work, roof and trim.


Painted K-Style Gutters and Corrugated Downspout


Painted Half Round Gutters and Round Downspouts

The two homes in the pictures above show painted gutters and downspouts. The top picture shows painted common K-style gutters with conventional corrugated downspouts, albeit in two-tone brown gutters and white downspouts as specified by the builder. The contrasting bottom picture shows attractively painted galvalume half round gutters and round downspouts, along with decorative gutter hangers and downspout straps which enhance this home’s gutter system. Aluminum and galvalume represent two of the lowest priced materials for gutters and downspouts with approximately 30-40 year lifespan providing they have a quality paint coating like Kynar. Galvalume optionally may also be left uncoated with a medium grayish appearance that weathers well and still lasts about 30-40 years. Aluminum oxidizes quickly and should be maintained with a quality coating.

All seamless gutter installations and copper work shown above were performed by the SW Florida Rutland Guttering team. They can install any kind of gutter system including half round, k-style (ogee), box, quarter round and custom styles of gutters. Their downspout options include seamless round, smooth square, round fluted and rectangular corrugated styles. Gutter and downspout material choices include copper, aluminum, galvalume, stainless steel, galvanized steel, zinc and lead-coated or zinc-coated copper (with grayish appearance). They are experienced with any size and scope of residential and commercial guttering projects and architectural copper work. You may visit their website Rutland Guttering – Architectural Copper Work to view additional pictures of their extensive residential and commercial work, also to obtain more information and get contact details. Rutland Guttering provides a comprehensive lifetime warranty on all of their residential gutter system work.


Radiused Copper Rain Gutters

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