Aluminum Gutters

Product Description

Rutland provides the widest range of sizes and types of aluminum gutters in the U.S.A. including half round aluminum gutters, K-Style aluminum gutters and aluminum box gutters. Rutland’s regular half-round aluminum gutter sizes are available in 5 inch to 12 inches. Aluminum gutters are also available as curved or aluminum radius gutter sections. Rutland has aluminum gutter miters, aluminum gutter end caps and aluminum gutter brackets including hidden gutter hangers and aluminum leader heads and downspouts including round, square, and corrugated downspout.


Rutland has a wide selection of seamless aluminum rain gutters, half round aluminum gutters and aluminum rain gutter systems as well as aluminum rain gutter parts and aluminum gutter supplies. You’ve come to the right place, Rutland Gutter Supply, for all the aluminum rain gutter parts needed for your aluminum rain gutter system. Feel free to browse our web site for more information on our wide selection of aluminum gutter systems including aluminum half round gutters, radius aluminum gutters, box aluminum gutters, K-Style aluminum gutters, quarter round aluminum gutters, aluminum down spouts, aluminum rain gutter parts, including decorative aluminum gutter hangers, decorative aluminum downspout straps and decorative aluminum leader heads or conductor heads. With aluminum mitres, strip or box mitres, Rutland aluminum eavestrough or gutter supplies are complete and most items are in stock, available for next day delivery in the U.S.

Aluminum gutters are still the most popular choice in gutters since they appeared on the market. Aluminum gutters are rust free and lightweight compared to steel and iron gutters. Exposed to the elements however, aluminum will oxidize so aluminum is given protective coatings and paint. Paint coatings have improved, so premium paint jobs like Kynar may hold up longer than the 7-10 years common for cheap gutters almost up to aluminum gutters useful lifespan of 20-30 years, barring scratches or damage to the paint. Aluminum rain gutters and downspouts are not as strong as steel gutters, especially the thin gauges and can dent easily from traffic, branches, ladders, etc. Aluminum also has a high rate of thermal expansion and contraction which can sometimes present problems with spike gutter hangers and stresses corners and seams. Gutter sections and terminations are typically caulked and as such the caulking should be regularly inspected and re-caulked as necessary. As with galvanized steel, there are many standard color choices available or custom paint matching can also be done at a higher cost. To have a more distinctive look than the most common K-style aluminum guttering with rectangular corrugated downspouts, you can specify thick gauge aluminum guttering in the more elegant half-round gutter shape painted with premium Kynar gutter colors and also use smooth surfaced square or round aluminum downspouts. Decorative gutter hangers, downspout brackets and aluminum leader conductor heads will upgrade the aluminum gutter system appearance dramatically, distinguishing and enhancing the curb appeal and real estate value of your home or business.