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There are many rain gutter styles, rain gutter types or guttering profiles and shapes available.  Many of the earliest rain gutters in the U.S. before the late 19th century were made of wood and were cut or carved into a variety of shapes from simple boxy channels to those having more ornamental carved facades. When metal roll forming machines were introduced in the early 1900’s, metal gutters began to take hold of and eventually dominate the rain gutter marketplace. Most of those early metal rain gutters were being constructed into a pleasing half round shape, which still have that traditional, classical and distinctive look today. The early gutter forming machines were large, heavy and expensive so most metal rain gutters were made in factories until about the 1970’s when light weight portable gutter machines were introduced and becoming popular. These light weight gutter machines could be carted around on trailers to work sites and produce the needed rain gutter on the spot. A portable gutter machine is typically set up to produce only one style of gutter and in usually only one size and sometimes two. Rain gutter styles were becoming standardized to just a few of the most popular rain gutter profiles offered by the gutter machine manufacturers. The ability to drain away a large volume of rain water led to standardization and predominance of different variations of a channel or boxy looking rain gutter.


Standard Rain Gutter Profiles – Styles (courtesy SMACNA)

Box gutters like in Style A above, have the largest volume for the shape and amount of gutter material used were were finding favor in large commercial, public and industrial applications by minimizing cost and maximizing water carrying capacity. Other variations of the plain industrial looking box gutter were becoming popular for residential rain gutter installation. Of these different boxy variations the Style K gutter with it’s somewhat more sculpted facade became most popular and ubiquitous across American residential housing and for light commercial buildings. Consequently most of the portable gutter machine manufacturers standardized on this particular profile. This wide availability of K gutters, also known as Ogee gutters among gutter installers, also made that style of gutter the most marketed, price competitive and therefore commonly selected rain gutter choice, especially in t he most universally available plain white color choice.


K Style Gutters Shown in Varying Rain Gutter Sizes

box-gutters-beveled-bl box-gutters-bl

Box Gutters – Style A Box & Style D-E Beveled Box Gutter


Half Round Gutters Shown in Varying Round Gutter Sizes

quarter-round-gutters-bl custom-gutters-quarter-round-bl

Quarter Round Gutter Profile & Custom Quarter Round Gutter

Above are some of the rain gutter types which Rutland produces in sizes ranging from 4 inches wide to 12 inches in width. Most gutter installers portable gutter machines typically produce gutters in a 5″ or 6″ width and sometimes 7″. Those gutter machines also only form one rain gutter profile, K style, half round or box for example. Instead of owning many different gutter machines, guttering contractors can also order different rain gutter styles and/or larger sizes from a large rain gutter manufacturer and supplier like Rutland Gutter Supply at a competitive price to accommodate their customers needs or preferences. Custom rain gutter roll forming machines can also be specified and purchased from roll forming machine manufacturers which can produce different rain gutter profiles. These less common rain gutter styles may be more decorative, flashy, unique and trendy although less competitive and sometimes more costly. Frequently they start to resemble some of the more ornately carved wood gutters or integral gutters with sculpted fascia, some may have appearance similar to colonial, cove or crown molding.


Rain Gutter Styles – Custom Rain Guttering Profiles


Wood Rain Gutter Profiles (available from


Integral Gutters – Built-in Gutter System (courtesy SMACNA)


Integral Copper Gutter System (courtesy

Integral gutters can be made from many different materials including wood, metal and concrete but often have a robust metal gutter insert or lining with soldered seams to insure a water tight gutter system as any leaks can prove very damaging and costly. These metal gutter inserts or linings can also be more easily and cost effectively replaced at the end of their useful life and also do not require as much vigilant monitoring and maintenance as do porous materials or materials which can crack or split possibly leading to leaks and water damage. For this reason, metal linings are sometimes used with wood gutters as well. Metal linings inside integral and wood gutters are not readily visible from the ground. The shape or profile of integral gutters, wood gutters and gutter lining inserts resemble metal gutter profiles including box styles and half round gutter profiles.

Unfinished rain gutter materials such as copper, zinc, stainless steel and galvalume will also greatly affect and enhance the appearance of all styles of gutters as can a judicious choice of vibrant gutter colors on aluminum and galvanized steel gutters. Decorative gutter hangers or gutter brackets, visually pleasing smooth round or square downspouts, decorative downspout brackets and elegant leader heads will also enhance the appearance of any rain gutter system. Rutland also offers embossed gutters in different available patterns and radiused half round gutter end caps to further increase the attractiveness of rain gutter systems. Radius or curved metal gutters in a variety of materials and including box or half round profiles and k style are a Rutland specialty as metal can readily be formed to follow irregular or rounded building and roof contours.


Embossed Rain Gutter and Radius Round vs. Flat Gutter Endcap


Aluminum K Gutter Style & Copper Half Round Gutter Profiles


K Style Rain Gutter Profile with Radius Gutter Sections


Round Gutter Style with Straight and Radius Gutter Sections


Box Gutter Profile with Straight and Radius Gutter Sections
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