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There are so many different types of rain gutters available that it can be difficult for homeowners, builders, and planners to make their decision. Naturally, many factors might come into play that could sway a person onto a particular make or model. The design of the building, the budget, and external factors such as the climate for the region could all influence the final choice.

Rain gutters can be crafted from plastic, wood, and different metals, and while each has its pros and cons, guttering experts tend to agree that copper rain gutters are an excellent choice for most property types.

If you are considering investing in this sophisticated, durable gutter type, read on to find out what the advantages of installing copper rain gutters could bring.

Aesthetics and value

There is little doubt that selecting copper rain gutters is the best choice for those who want to add a touch of class to their property. For designers and planners looking to create a stunning finish, the elegant look that copper rain gutters can give to the building is second to none. Copper rain gutters work on rustic, traditional, and more contemporary buildings making them a versatile option. Because they provide instant curb appeal, they could easily add value to the building, and when it comes to selling, be the defining aspect that means buyers will be willing to put in that offer, and even go above the asking price.

Low maintenance

Copper rain gutters are also excellent value because they are robust and durable. Once installed, they require very little maintenance, and while it is essential for those responsible for the building to ensure the gutters don’t get clogged and check for damage after adverse weather, apart from this copper rain gutters pretty much take care of themselves. Copper stands up well against severe weather, including more unusual, but potentially damaging acid rain and smog. You can also install copper gutters seamlessly, so there is no need for expansion joints making leaks less likely. If you invest in copper rain gutters, they’ll be no need to replace them or fork out for costly repairs.

Can last for a century

Among the various kinds of material a person can choose when deciding on the gutter type, such as plastic, wood, aluminum, steel, and so on, copper is the one that should last the longest. Industry experts believe that copper rain gutters could last for over 100 years, even in harsh environments, so if you choose this type, you’ll never have to invest in another guttering system again.

A wide variety of design choice

Another reason why copper could be the best choice for your rain gutters is that there are many fantastic design options and additional features to choose from that could make your guttering stand out. From half-round or K-style gutters to other design features such as downspouts and finials, you can put your unique stamp on your guttering system to make it truly one of a kind.

The best copper gutter systems from Rutland gutters

Rutland Gutter Supply is proud to bring you an impressive selection of stunning copper rain gutter systems in different styles, as well as offering the most extensive variety of stunning add ons to complete the look and finish. If you need any advice or have any questions get in touch with our team today!

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