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While rain gutters might not be the hot topic at the top of everyone’s conversation starter list, there are some interesting and useful facts about rain gutters out there.

Since the humble rain gutter works hard to keep our homes and other buildings protected during a downpour, it’s well worth getting to know a little more about them.


Raingutters – more interesting then you might think!

Here are ten useful, weird and wonderful facts about rain gutters:

1. Rain gutters as we know them today date back as far as the early 1900s, they were initially crafted from wood. Nowadays, rain gutters come in all shapes and sizes, such as aluminum, steel, copper, and plastic.

2. Seamless rain guttering is now the most popular choice, and 75% of people choose this type as it eliminates unsightly seams and creates a smooth, continuous look. Seamless rain gutters are less likely to become damaged and leak too.

3. In Ancient Greece and Rome, instead of rain gutters, gargoyles were carved and placed on roofs to help divert rainwater away from the essential rooms in homes and other buildings. They also believed these gargoyles would help to ward off evil spirits!

4. Rain gutters are probably the least appreciated part of any home, yet one of the most important. Without an adequate guttering system in place, moisture can get inside the house and cause vast amounts of costly damage. Upgrading and improving your rain gutters is one of the wisest choices you can make.

5. Proper quality rain gutters are one of the best investments you can make, and picking your material with care is advisable. Some rain gutter systems will last decades, providing they are checked regularly and treated with care.

6. While it’s essential to keep your rain gutters in good condition by inspecting them regularly. It’s of great importance that you take proper precautions when you do. CPSC reports that there are over 150,000 ladder-related injuries in the U.S. each year!

7. Signs of rust, cracked seams, water damage, and even paint chipping off can be indicators that you need to take action and repair or replace your guttering system. Doing so promptly will ensure you don’t put your home or its contents at risk of water damage.

8. Gutters can be a breeding ground for some insects. The standing water is particularly attractive to mosquitos. So to deter them, keep your gutters clean!

9. Other pesky creatures that are often found in gutters are earthworms! No one is sure how they get there, though one theory is they are dropped by birds passing overhead.

10. Strangely enough rainwater gutters used to be found on cars to help stop rainwater falling on the driver when they exited the vehicle. However, the idea never proved hugely popular and was dropped altogether sometime in the 1980s.

Understanding a bit more about your rain gutters can’t be a bad thing, and these ten facts will help ensure you look after your rain gutters properly and stay safe while you do!

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