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A finial is commonly used in architecture as a decorative device. A finial can be made of many different materials, depending on where it is placed and the design of the building. Finials were traditionally made of stone, and placed atop domes and spires to draw attention to them. However, they can also be placed on towers, gables or roofs, and metals such as copper and aluminum are proving increasingly popular choices for homeowners and designers who want to add an eye-catching and distinctive feature to their building.

What kind of roof finials are available?

At Rutland, we are pleased to offer our customers an extensive range of beautifully crafted roof finials. Our copper finials can be purchased in a number of breathtaking designs, including sleek and simple spikes right through to more elaborate, multi-layered designs as well as choices for those who want to add a stylish yet lighthearted touch, such as flag and pineapple options.

High Quality Roof Finials from Rutland

All our roof finials are crafted from top-quality copper and made to order so we can ensure that the utmost care is taken to design and create the perfect roof finials for your home. With many designs to choose from, we are sure you will find the ideal model, one that will go perfectly with your copper gutter roof system and create a stunning talking point on your home, increasing its value too.

An Extensive Range Of Finials For Your Building Project

 We will work with you to develop your bespoke finials according to your custom design and specifications. We can create finials in all sizes to ensure a seamless, perfect fit that you will be delighted with.


Why not combine a beautiful copper finial with a copper dome, copper cupola, copper turret, copper tile, or standing seam copper roof? These can be added to your home or gazebo roof for an impressive design touch that will make your home really stand out.

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